VAU Re-invents the Design of Everyday Objects


VAU, inspired by universal symbols; have re-created a collection of everyday objects for your home and office.

VAU’s inspiration comes from a various range of life aspects, from nature, art, spirituality or geometry, e.g. concentric circles, pyramids, the golden ratio and duality. These life aspects have been integrated seamlessly by VAU and have created timeless and minimal designed objects for your everyday use.

We wanted to bring art into everyday life by creating a tool of universal beauty and sculptural value.

Marija Ruzic Vukmanic, Creative Director

Their products are manufactured with the finest high-quality solid metal, produced with a combination of both traditional and modern technologies. Every single piece is carefully worked by their craftsmen with attention to detail. All of their products are made within their own workshop located in Zagreb, Croatia.

VAU have also been awarded via ‘The German Design Award‘ for three products of their first collection.

ABACUS represents complex counting tasks.

VAU’s collection comprises a CURVE letter opener, TRIANGLE bottle opener, CIRCULAR candle holders, MERKABA paperweight, 12.3 organiser, and ABACUS.

MERKABA paperweight comprises two triangular pyramids immersed into another, symbolizing two poles of creation, matter, and spirit. It is created by combining traditional and contemporary technology and handcrafted into aged brass, silver, copper or black oxide finish.

CURVE is a letter opener whose design represents the duality of nature. Its minimalist form accentuates the transition from the rectangular shape of the handle to the triangular shape of the blade together forming a perfect equilibrium.


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