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Tracy Dixon Ceramics

Tracy Dixon Ceramics is a pottery shop based in Wiltshire, England that hopes to bring the beauty into minimal designed ceramic house décor.

Beginning pottery at Illyria in Oxford, Tracy Dixon discovered her love for making pottery and interior decorations by hand. She moved from Illyria to her own garden studio in Wiltshire and creates everything by hand that is available on her online shop.

Taking a contemporary influence from minimalistic values, Dixon’s goal is to create work that can make a statement without clashing with the rest of an interior design; rather, standing out by fitting in. Clean lines, rounded edges, and neutral colors are consistent throughout all her collections.


Inspired by Japanese pottery, Linear is a collection of six vases of nude and white glaze, along with one white bowl, made by wheel-thrown stoneware.


Bare is a collection of 10 wheel-thrown stoneware ceramics in a nude and white glaze, with slightly darker nude surrounding the base of each vase.


A standalone piece, Poise is a wheel-thrown stoneware ceramic vase that features the signature white and nude glaze but with a twist. A nude glaze was painted for the base, while the white trickles over it, giving this minimal designed ceramic a melting-like quality to it.


Her is 3-piece stoneware ceramic collection featuring nude and white vases that are a bit shorter and stockier than the rest so far, making them perfect centrepieces and containers for a single flower stalk.


This collection features wide vases with short necks in white, nude, or dark wood, adding a bit of uniqueness compared to the rest of Dixon’s collection. Purchase a singular vase to place in your living room, on your dining room table, or on a side table to help tie any room together.

Photography — Tracy Dixon Ceramics

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