The Residence of Liu


Located in Taipei, Taiwan the Residence of Liu developed by Radius interior design is presented with an uncomplicated layout embracing the principles of minimalism and simplicity in architecture.

The overall aspect of the house retains the original appearance of the concrete board expressing the character of the building. A geometrical body made of walnut marks the different areas of the home, such as storage, bathroom, and kitchen. The wooden material also brings warmth to space and generates a contrast with the grey prevailing cement tone.

The furniture used blends efficiently within the general aspect of the house: The metal cabinet with glossy and reflective mirrors interacts with the distinctive cement paint wall surface to increase the visual depth of the space. The white marble seat underneath crosses the living room from one side to the other, perfecting the level change in the house.

When a home is allowed to celebrate the charm of minimalism, it may sometimes end up feeling sparse or even hostile. However, the Residence of Liu, while still staying true to many minimalist ideals is anything but unfriendly. The design follows the principles of Zen Buddhism and instils a desire for simplicity as a way of life.

Photography sourced from Residence of Liu — Radius

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