San Diego and Joshua Tree California by Lukas van der Lende

What does relaxation mean to you?

When I have a day off I think, I want to have some coffee, maybe go to a city, eat some good food, take pictures, spend time with loved ones. Really a vacation is just prolonged relaxation, or at least it should be!

I love cities. I love exploring cities, I love finding good coffee shops, and I love taking pictures of architecture. I also love National Parks. Going to new places, seeing amazing things, photographing nature. So a trip to San Diego and then Joshua Tree was perfect for me!

My wife and I spent 6 days in Southern California, 3 in San Diego, 3 in Joshua Tree. Neither of us had been to Cali before, and we were so excited to go explore it together! We started our trip in Joshua Tree, if you don’t know Joshua Tree, it is the desert, with just a bunch of things called Joshua Trees! We relaxed at our beautiful Airbnb and we went to the National Park. We found a cute coffee shop and spent time together!

In San Diego, we had another beautiful Airbnb that we stayed at, and explored the city! We went to the San Diego Zoo, which was awesome, and we spent a lot of time at James Coffee Co! But one of my favorite things we did was ride electric scooters down the boardwalk of Mission Beach, the ocean, the homes, it was what you picture Southern California to be like.

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