Saint Studio

Located in the heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Saint Studio is a minimalist fashion brand & multidisciplinary design studio founded by creative director Caue Nunes.

Slow fashion is increasingly gaining traction in the consumer world. People want to invest in classic pieces that will last forever; Saint Studio understands this. With multidisciplinary design, Saint Studio creates authentic minimalist fashion apparel of the highest caliber that is simple and pure, yet detailed. Creative, fashionable, and thoughtful, the Saint Studio Identity exudes a look that any minimalist would want in their wardrobe. 

Growing up, Nunes loved the idea of standing out and expressing his individuality in the form of apparel; he would frequently ask his grandmother to make clothes for him because he didn’t want to wear what everyone else was wearing.

After becoming more interested in minimalistic fashion, design, architecture, and culture, Nunes created Saint Studio three years later in 2012. Currently, along with their website exists one main store, two resale stores, and a store in Toronto, Canada. 

Minimalism is so much more than just an aesthetic look for Nunes – it is a way of life. Those close to Nunes will tell you that from the way he talks, to the way he flavors his food, simplicity is a key priority in his life. This carries into how he gets dressed in the morning – combating decision fatigue, Nunes strives to have a wardrobe where every item is essential and can be paired together, yet still have unique silhouettes and designs. This frame-of-mind absolutely carries into his Saint Studio brand. 

Our favorite Saint Studio pieces

Some of our favorite pieces include the women’s Watch Saint – designed with a gorgeous matte black face and dark brown genuine leather strap, and the Nude Tricot Dress, which can be paired with a leather jacket, leggings and ankle boots, and a bold scarf to tie everything together.

For men, the T-Shirt Duo boasts a geometric black and white design that is iconic in the minimalism community; wear it with the Bermuda Chinese Khaki to create an effortless summertime look. Trekking around the city in either outfit will be easy when wearing the SoHo Coffee Backpack. The use of deep, rich browns, black and whites, and beige tones guarantee that any of Nunes’ products will all work cohesively. 

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