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RODIN olio lusso

RODIN olio lusso is a luxury skincare brand known for their top quality products and their minimalistic design that give you glowing skin.

If you haven’t heard, they’re a cruelty-free company that creates some of the most amazing skin care products on the market. RODIN offers a line-up of products packaged with a minimalistic design that are dedicated to making your skin feel brand new, even during the busy work schedule.

With life constantly moving by you and never stopping, your skin needs time to rest and take a break from the busy lifestyle you live. RODIN has a Slow Beauty Ritual to offer, and it’s believed to be a skincare routine that helps to cleanse, nourish, and replenish your skin. You’ll feel totally luxurious, benefiting from smooth, glowing, and healthy looking skin. Absolutely everything that anyone could want in a skincare routine.

Specifically, one of their best products is the Jasmine & Neroli Crema. This product is full of natural, botanical products; something RODIN is all about. The ingredients include a blend of shea butter, argan and macadamia oils, mixed with aloe and jojoba. This combination makes the crema a perfect moisturizer for your hands.

The key ingredients in this product are what really come together to make is stunning. The blend of shea butter, macadamia oil, and argan oil moisturizes deeply, the blend being incredibly nourishing for your skin especially if you suffer from dry skin. The jasmine oil blend works as a natural remedy for improving your mood. The scent will naturally improve your mood, helping your hormones to balance out.

The neroli oil is anti-bacterial so your skin can stay well protected while wearing the cream. Jojoba oil assists your hands in controlling sebum production, ensuring your skin is naturally soothed. The aloe vera is also an anti-inflammatory that can be great if you have dry skin.

Unlike most hand creams where you’ll be left with a greasy feeling, the Jasmine & Neroli Crema is quick drying and absorbent into your skin. It’ll leave your hands feeling softer than ever and moisturized for hours, rather than just a small bit of time. The scent is quite pleasant as well, creating a unique scent that you’ll never get tired of.

RODIN only offers the best quality, one of a kind skincare and makeup related products. The Jasmine & Neroli Crema is no doubt meant to be part of this line-up. You can purchase this moisturizer for your hands in two different sizes, 50mL and 100mL. The luxurious hand and body cream is sure to make you want to keep coming back for more products once you experience just how amazing RODIN’s products are.

RODIN offers many luxury high-quality skincare products that you’re sure to love if you try out. Ranging from cleansers to moisturizers to lipsticks and makeup, their all-natural products are bound to hook you in. Try one out today, maybe even the Jasmine & Neroli Crema. Treat your hands and your face with some of RODIN’s greatest products.

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