Oupio an Intelligent Light and Wireless Speaker

Combining two technologies we use every day – light and sound – Oupio’s hybrid product is a beautiful, minimalist piece that serves both design and function.

“Oupio merges human-centric lighting with high fidelity sound in a timeless and unique design. It is both a speaker and a smart lamp at the same time.”

Vlad Iorgulescu

Created by Vlad Iorgulescu, Oupio is a unique solution for the desire to simplify. Using Bluetooth technology, connect your phone, television, or computer to Oupio and create a soothing, ambient environment, unlike anything you’ve experienced in your own home.

The round design paired with light wood detailing guarantees a style that is classic and timeless; minimalism is all about dropping the gimmicks and promoting long-lasting durability, and Oupio is no exception.

Choose your color of light from white or yellow and control the brightness with the tap of a finger. The choice of light colors was intentional – Oupio understands that natural light is best for improving mood, productivity, and sleep, so they have done their absolute best to recreate that experience.

Wood, glass, and metal make up the components of the light speaker, meaning it’s ethically sound, and pleasing to the touch. Its smaller size of 22cm in diameter means it will fit almost anywhere in your home without taking up too much space. LEDs were chosen for the lights, meaning you’ll never have to change the bulbs.

Vlad and his team at Oupio will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for 30 days, starting June 26th. By pledging to the project, you will be entitled to a signed model by Vlad, as well as extremely generous discounts.

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