NOC Coffee Co. a Minimalist Specialty Coffee Shop

NOC Coffee Co. is a minimalist coffee shop concept located in various neighborhoods in Hong Kong, with plans to expand to China and South Korea.

“Rooted in curation”, NOC focuses on bringing simplicity and substance to the coffee scene to deliver the finest quality coffee beans, drinks, and other caffeinated goods. Each bean is put to the test to see if it meets their standards, then roasted for 5 days in isolation before being mixed. Currently, they gather beans from South and Central America and Africa, available for single cups at their various locations, as well as wholesale.

If you’re conscious about your clean eating habits, NOC has you covered. Their food menu boasts simplistic foods such as avocado toast, acai yogurt parfait, and buddha bowls. NOC wants to support diets of any kind, so they cater to meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans, and pescatarians alike.

When it comes to their design and locations, each choice made was highly intentional and purposeful. “We don’t choose obvious locations; we choose interesting spaces in areas that our minimalist aesthetic can bring calm to the chaos,” tells their website. This is seen in the video imagery all across the site – light wood, geometric shapes, and a white and neutral color palette are all featured in the each of the NOC locations, taking up just enough space to provide their service and make customers feel as though they’re able to get away from the noise of the world, if only for a minute.

As of right now, NOC’s newly-opened online store allows you to purchase any of their current blends of coffee, from Kenya to Costa Rica, as well as right from their own backyard. 8 and 12-oz standard tumblers are available, along with “smart-cups”; tumblers made to improve insulation and sealing that after 15 uses will offset the environmental cost of production. The neutral palette is again on full display here, offering options of white, black, gray, and ivory.

Photography via NOC Coffee Co

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