Nendo x Medicom Toy Create ‘Shadow’ Be@rbrick’s

Amy Lancaster
Medicom Toy — Be@rbrick
Akihiro Yoshida

Medicom Toy approached Nendo in 2019 for a collaboration to create the Be@rbrick ‘Shadow’ Collection.

Oki Sato, the founder of Nendo, wanted to take the 2D-on-3D concept and turn it on its head. With the clever use of print and shades, Nendo was able to create a shadow effect on the bear in three different ways; “under” – which creates the illusion that the bear is being illuminated from underneath, “behind” – a backlit look, and “side” – displaying shadows from a light radiating from diagonally above.

The final touch came from the minimalist package design, only displaying the appropriate lighting on a black backdrop. Rather than having Nendo’s signature – a representation of the collaboration – on the back of the bear, the signature is shown on the bottom of the bear’s feet, adding to the clean, minimal design and perhaps a nod to those who wrote their name on the feet of their toys a la Toy Story.

Nendo, with the least amount of flash and flair possible, has successfully designed a unique version to the ever-growing collection that is BE@RBRICK.

Designed by — Nendo, for Medicom Toy & Be@rbrick
Photography by — Akihiro Yoshida
Collaborators — nsz

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