Mijeong Park

Mijeong Park is a minimal fashion label based in Los Angeles, California.

Mijeong Park began her journey studying fashion and design at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea.

Taking her education state-side, Park moved to L.A. in 2007 in hopes to start her own minimal fashion label. From here, we would see her first collection debut in 2015.

As effortless as the California state-of-mind, Park’s minimal designs draw inspiration from the Arts District and the community around it. Neutral color tones dominate the palette, with splashes of cool tones in the colors of blue and lavender. Sometimes, you may even catch a burnt orange or a rustic red; these are a reflection of the warmth and comfort the California weather provides. Some stand-out pieces in her current 2019 summer collection include a sienna dress with a relaxed fit; the long shirt-dresses in sky blue and navy with slits along the sides; and the lavender or sienna satchels, tied together using just one piece of fabric to create a minimal, effortless look.

Mijeong Park — S/S 19 Capsule

Simple tops with warm, neutral tones. Skirts with classic design, yet a modern silhouette. Loose, sky blue blouses that can be worn effortlessly on a warm, Sunday morning sipping coffee at an outdoor café. The female minimalist’s summer capsule is timeless, elegant, loose, casual, and dreamy.

Another reason to love Mijeong Park – a charitable cause behind each design. Wanting to give back to her community as much as it gave to her, Park donates 5% of all online purchases to local elementary art education. She hopes to encourage young minds to follow in her footsteps and create looks that are timeless, yet artistic.

No timeless, minimal fashion wardrobe would be complete without a piece by Mijeong Park.

Photography taken from — mijeongpark.com

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