KANSO’s Minimalist Homeware Store For Your Everyday Living

KANSO, a minimalist homeware company, sells products for the home that focus on sustainability, functionality, and design.

Founded by Jason Duke in 2017, the Kansas City-based store aspires to bring minimalism, longevity, and uniqueness to the Midwest. The name “KANSO” derives from the Japanese Zen principle of simplicity through declutter, and this ideology can be seen throughout KANSO’s store, both online and off.

Photo of Jason Duke, taken by Jonathan Horst

Give your home a refresh with unique items such as the Fruitsuper Match Holder, made from a mantle that is also a match-striker. The Menu Folded Vase will make a great centerpiece and conversation-starter, available in “Taupe” or “Carbon”. In furniture, the Menu Cage Table is a stand-out piece, with gorgeous white marble counter-top supported by white steel legs that interweave, making the area underneath the table a perfect storage area for blankets or books.

If you ever find yourself in the Crossroads Art District of Kansas City, be sure to check out their flagship store. Beginning as a cube pop-up shop in the first year of business, the store now features wood, marble, and dark steel interior, with their items displayed tactfully as if you had stepped into Duke’s own home. Designers and artists that have contributed to KANSO can be found there as featured guests for special events.

KANSO meticulously embodies the vision of the perfect minimalistic home, from stationery, to furniture, and everything in-between.

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