Minimal Product Designs by Josep Pedro

A concept that rings true in all of his work, Josep Pedro is that rare hybrid of artist and engineer.

Freelancing since graduating college in 2018, Pedro specializes in product design – particularly, how to create simplistic, minimal concepts and incorporate them into the technology we use every day.

Design is the bridge between art and technology.

Josep Pedro

Double—Wall Shelf

Embracing the minimalistic principle of “less is more”, Double—Wall Shelf is a free-floating shelf that incorporates double the storage into one elegantly-carved shape. Place your frequently-used items on the lower shelf – perhaps a phone, a wallet, or a watch – and your more precious belongings on top for the special occasional use. The curved corners of this rectangular piece give it a much-needed softness with the beige and black wood – place it against a white wall for that ultimate, iconic minimalist look.

Minimum—Hybrid Watch

Originally, smart watches were created for the convenience of being able to check notifications on the fly. Pedro takes this concept and turns it on its head, showing the world a new way to stay connected – or not.

Integrating the use of an eINK display, Pedro engineered the watch’s notifications to be entirely customizable – choose to have LED notification lights and sounds turn on gradually at five-minute intervals, or not at all.

MINIMUM is designed not to be another distraction, but to show up for you when you need it. This is implied by its bare-bones face design – no numbers, not even hands, but instead two dashes on rotating disks to indicate the time. Wear it with black steel, gold, or rose gold detailing to match with any look.


Pedro’s hanger design includes the shape and curves of a swan while still providing functionality and finesse. Choose from black, dark grey, or gold in color, and watch your wardrobe come together with each item of clothing hung. An opening in the hanger provides storage for ties, scarves, and bags, encouraging the minimalist concept of living with less clutter. These hangers, much like the tale from which they claimed their namesake, are meant to be timeless.

Saku—Rice Cream

A large emphasis in Pedro’s designs is functionality. While at first, you may use this bottle just to enjoy its contents for the Japanese Rice Harvest, afterwards you will realize the use can be continued. Pedro has cleverly placed seeds within the label that can be planted into the bottle, which is now used as a flower pot. Embracing the minimalist ideology of reducing waste, Pedro has managed to create a piece of art that can be enjoyed in all its forms.

Josep Pedro’s work is the perfect example of marrying the concepts form and function.

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Photography by Josep Pedro

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