Indent Journal ― Taking individuals on a journey of self-discovery

Based in rural New Zealand, Kuratau – Indent Journal is on a mission to take every individual on a journey of self-discovery.

The idea of waking up and being present in the world around us, to be conscious of the decisions we determine to make every day that empowers our every individual’s authentic personalities. Indent Journal helps to rediscover this purpose.

Issue 01 of Indent Journal – Lake Taupo; seen above

Immersing people to be indented in their storytelling content, Indent Journal takes us on a compelling journey to discover communities that create a change in the world we live in.

Indent Journal was founded by their editor, Lisa te Heu Heu. The team of Indent is built up of photographers, travelers, designers, writers, adventurers, homemakers, and of course; great friends. They came together to create a journal that delved deep into a clean and beautiful design, with the content being authentic and real.

Indent Journal is a quality sustainable print magazine, which is textured beautifully. It’s printed in Palmerston North, New Zealand and is shipped and distributed by themselves by hand. Their journal has Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and is outlaid in vegetable-based inks. Their packaging is recyclable and compostable.

Indent Journal is good for your mind and also good for the planet.

We are not concerned with fads and the noise of a commercial world.  We are concerned about the state of our planet, the state of human society, the state of our well being and being tapped into our true potential.

― Indent Journal

Their branding was put together by Make Hey, and they’ve done an excellent job to portray Indent’s story within the designs.

Every time Indent Journal is purchased, you are supporting small local businesses.

Issue 02 is in the midst of retailing, and will be available to purchase soon.

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