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ILE BLANCHE minimalist home by APPAREIL architecture

APPAREIL architecture has redesigned a spectacular minimalist home called the ILE BLANCHE residence.

The interior of this spacious home located on Nun’s Island required restoration, the architects’ meticulous work has made it possible to optimize and, above all, modernize the spaces where light and contemporaneity now prevail — all under the Nordic and refined signature of APPAREIL architecture.

The architects redesigned the interior layout from scratch to offer functional and cozy decor. Tailor-made and integrated furniture add uniformity to the architecture and reinforce the purity of the space.

The owners wanted to review the space to adapt it to their needs, to create a welcoming and soothing place to receive friends and build a family. The team delivered a resolutely modern and luminous interior and gave new life to the place.

By choosing to demolish some walls, the architects allowed more light to flow out and fluidified the traffic between spaces. The highlighted white walls, the lacquered surfaces of the furniture and the treatment of the wooden floor also help accentuate the light effect.

APPAREIL architecture used contrast to highlight the key elements of the interior space: The painted steel of the fireplace, the maple stairs, and the big vestibule door stand out even more by their juxtaposition to the immaculate white of the decor. Warm little touches, such as the addition of walnut in the kitchen and bedroom, create a friendly atmosphere. Finally, they paid particular attention to the smallest details of finishing, whether by integrating full height doors or by displaying the custom-made lighting items of Montreal artisans.

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