House in Moriyama, Nagoya

House in Moriyama is one of the many houses designed and built by the Japanese architectural firm Suppose design office.

This family home located in Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, was built on a small and narrow plot surrounded by other houses. Given the location and surroundings, the house enjoys minimal natural light and have to deal with the landscape of many industrial buildings.

The architect’s first concern was to satisfy the customer’s desire for a garden. He designed a rough stone garden with sparse vegetation, crossing the house from one side to the other. This garden-like room gives a sense of metamorphosis to the house that will most likely make the tenant’s daily life richer as time goes by. Landscape and green areas are usually associated with exterior spaces, the architect’s intention was to bring the vibrant and beautiful scenery of a garden into the interior spaces of the house as well.

Different rooms always remain in visual contact and are supplied with natural light from the atrium and other skylights openings.

Note: For the privacy of bathrooms and bedrooms, rail systems capable of accommodating Japanese panels or curtains have obviously been provided. These accessories have been removed for taking photos.

Japanese houses have always been intriguing and fascinating for Westerners. Their unique architecture remains a mystery to the laymen. From the traditional wooden constructions to the minimal capsules of modernist architects, the Japanese have always surprised us with their ways of “living”. Japanese designers have been experimenting with new lifestyles, particularly through the private home, their best playground to reinvent tradition and adapt it to more contemporary aspirations.

Architects & Photography — Suppose Design Office

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