House A by Whispering Smith

House A by Whispiering Smith

Designed by architectural firm Whispering Smith in Perth’s suburb of Scarborough, House A is a representation of minimalist, environment-friendly architecture.

The designers used highly recycled content concrete panels and whitewashed reused brick innovatively to achieve a tight footprint and carbon-neutral design.

Beyond illustrating an example of architectural beauty in the built form, House A embodies the creative response to a brief that is close to the hearts of many young Australian home buyers today. There is an emerging trend for quality over quantity, and a desire for neatness at home, when living in such densely populated urban environments.

The house is a product of highly efficient planning and relies heavily on craft and detailing to provide comfort and delight. The architects merged spaces and volumes to achieve simultaneous privacy and openness without the need for doors and walls. They also use the verge as a native garden and outdoor living area for the occupants.

The minimalist geometric form of the house gives it depth and presence, however, softened by the use of modest and purpose-driven materials. From the street, House A’s minimal form is in stark contrast to its ubiquitous brick and tile neighbors, while harmoniously absorbing and blending into the natural palette of the surrounding natural landscape. At dusk, the house almost disappears into the late afternoon colours, softly reflecting the lights of Scarborough’s sunsets.

Affordable, sustainable, and minimalist, House A truly embodies a desire to build something relevant for our generation.

Photography by Ben Hosking

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