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Caroline Walls Art

Caroline Walls Art

Caroline Walls is a minimalist painter and artist from Melbourne, Australia.

Combining simplistic linework, contrast, and shapes, Walls creates fluidity throughout all her pieces, taking inspiration from the female form.

Born in 1984, Walls graduated from Swinburne University in 2006 with a degree in Visual Communications and Design. Afterwards, she received her Visual Arts certificate from the Victorian College of the Arts. From there, she lived abroad in London and New York City, working as a designer and art director for fashion brands before returning to Australia 10 years later.

As of August 2018, Walls has showcased four different solo exhibitions. She has also collaborated with many renowned artists and brands, such as Kowtow, The Undone, Dazed and Amazed Linen, and Masini and Chern Luxury Sleepwear. She also helped to develop the visual concept for Wellmade Clothes’ Gender Equality Campaign.

Another Thought Exhibition 2017

Her series, “Another Thought”, first exhibited in June 2017 at the Modern Times in Melbourne. The influence of the womanly shape is obvious here, with curves and lines akin to a woman’s hips. All paintings in the series feature a cohesive palette of black, light tan, and beige.

Maybe She Exhibition 2017

Maybe She” exhibited just a few months later in November at the Saint Cloche Gallery in Sydney. What could be considered a spiritual successor to her first series, the colour palette is consistent, this time featuring more ambiguous shapes; nevertheless, the curves and lines are still present.

Darker Places Exhibition 2018

Her most recent exhibition shown in August 2018, “Darker Places”, shows Walls growth in her craft. Displayed in the Forty Five Downstairs Gallery in Melbourne, light grey tones have been introduced into the colour scheme, along with depth by creating the illusion of shadows. White lines on black or black lines on beige show contrast and minimalism, and all pieces look spectacular when hung together.

Walls also offers charcoal drawings and ink paintings for sale. Taking her already minimalistic, artistic viewpoint and scaling it back even further, the majority of these pieces are soft, curved lines that just touch the area of familiarity.

You can find Caroline Walls collection of works at She is also on Instagram @carolinewallsart.

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