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Calamina Design

Calamina Design is a minimalist sculpture and interior light design company founded by Carlos Aucejo in Valencia, Spain.

By using raw material, his education in morphology (the study of forms), science, and drawing inspiration from the designs of primitive veining, Aucejo creates dynamic minimalistic light pieces formed from glass and various types of marble.

The goal of Calamina Design is to create pieces that serve function and can also be a subtle work of art in the home – nothing but the essentials.

I understand this [sculptoric] body as a growing nucleus.


Horizont Lamp

The Horizont Lamp by Calamina Design is a great introductory piece to Aucejo’s collection. The Lamp is put together by a glass slab within a cylindrical or cubical marble sculpture made from marquina stone. The Horizont Lamp is a great conversation piece or lamp for your home. LED lights are projected onto the glass, creating a bright and atmospheric scene. Choose between white or black marble for the base to complement the rest of your décor.

Doric Lamp

The Doric Lamp is a large cylindrical sculpture inspired by Doric Greek columns. It represents the movement from wood to perishable materials in the architectural world. The Doric Lamp has a hidden light that only shows when the top of the sculpture is slid open and is made from pietra gray Iranian marble. Doric has a beautiful, minimalistic colour pattern of black with white cracks found all around the shape from bottom to top.

Iceberg Lamp

The Iceberg Lamp quietly states satisfaction in its design and function. Presented as a square slab, this pietra gray Iranian marble piece has a secret sliding mechanism used to turn on the lamp. Sliding it open turns the square into a shape like cracked tectonics that illuminates the room without being too bright. Slide the lamp closed, and it’s another sculpture to be admired for its simplicity.

Core Lamp

Made from marquina marble, the Core Lamp takes Aucejo’s concept of a growing nucleus and brings it to life. Perfectly round and smooth, the Core Lamp lights up once the top hemisphere is turned halfway around. Aucejo has also stated that the concept came from the idea of circular waves akin to sound waves that increase in space; when the lamp is turned, it takes up more space, while the opposite is true when closed.

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