BLLOC Minimalist Smartphone

BLLOC is a minimalist smartphone that puts “People first”.

The tagline for BLLOC, “People first”, can be interpreted in a few ways. This could mean that, when it comes to their product design and interface, they put the customer first. It could mean that, in life, no matter what you have going on, you should put the human connections of those around you first. Perhaps it alludes to the idea that their products bring people together in the most streamlined, least distracting way possible.

If you’ve been lucky enough just to hold a BLLOC product, you’ll know it’s a clear combination of all three ideas.

The Blloc Zero18 Smartphone Experience

Your Blloc Zero18 smartphone experience begins with a sleek, dark design that’s unafraid to be a little bit flashy – the zinc alloy frame is slightly translucent, giving its owner a private show of its inner workings and letting them know this is more than just another smartphone.

The 5.8” LCS IPS display greets you in a way that is unfamiliar – by default, the interface is entirely monochromatic. Change it back to color with the touch of your fingertip print or keep it the way BLLOC intended. Choose two display options for your home screen – the entirely clean and decluttered MNML version, or BLLOC Mode, which only shows you the essentials.

The Blloc Phone System

When switching to Blloc mode, you are presented with what makes BLLOC shine: its Root/Tiles/Tree system. Unique only to BLLOC, your interactions are merged with the Root and the Tree. The Root gives you what you need when you need it – set your alarm and check the news and weather at the speed of light, all before breakfast.

With the tree, BLLOC minimalizes the way you branch out to your friends, family, and colleagues – view all methods of communication, be it Facebook Messenger, e-mail, or WhatsApp, with a tap of a contact’s name.

The tiles do away with the cluttered aesthetic of app icons haphazardly placed on your screen. Have all your information displayed in a neat and organized tile system; highlight the apps you want to see more information from and mute the ones you don’t. View all your apps, all at once, and then get back to your life.

Society works on smartphones – BLLOC knows this. Rather than denying that fact, they’ve decided to enhance the experience, scaling it down to the bare essentials.

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