Annemieke Boots Ceramics

In the heart of Amsterdam lies Annemieke, a passionate self-taught ceramic artist who works with stoneware and porcelain.

She’s inspired by nature, textures, shapes, the city, the items that she owns or images from her favorite magazines, books or talks.

Annemieke is very inspiring, driving her happiness and fascination towards clay and she says that having the texture of it in her hands, forms the essence of her being. Annemieke says that hand forming or throwing clay on the wheel is like meditation to her.

Using simplicity as a keyword, as a result, she strives for purity and not perfection.

The ceramics Annemieke creates are always by hand, therefore it makes it just as authentic as it may already look.

Above all, Annemieke creates amazing ceramics. She’s very talented at what she does, hence why she inspires so many people from around the world.

You may find Annemieke Boots on Instagram here

Source: Annemieke Boots Ceramics

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