Allen Key House by Studio Prineas

Ben Khalil
Studio Prineas

Located in Sydney’s leafy North Shore, this old Californian bungalow dating from the 1930s is another minimalist creation by Studio Prineas

We all know the classic quote from Mies Van Der Rohe: “less is more”. The design of this new bungalow embodies the architect’s statement and proves a budget does not and should not mean bad design. Despite this constraint, the architects have effectively taken advantage of the site’s qualities to propose a modern living space adapted to the needs of the growing family that occupies it.

The existing bungalow was reconfigured to give importance to the kitchen making it the hub of the house. The positioning of other rooms remained intact. The architect’s intention was to emphasize the qualities already present in the house while solving the air conditioning and lighting problems of the previous plan. The roof was manipulated to generate openings that improved the house’s interior ventilation while offering views of the surrounding treetops.

The size of the living spaces has been optimized in order to offer the inhabitants maximum comfort and freedom of movement. These spaces benefit from a large amount of light passing through the black aluminum framed window that outlines views of the garden. A generous wooden deck extension serves as a transition between the interior and exterior spaces of the house while providing additional usable space for the family.

Allen Key House can truly be considered as an architectural minimalistic design gem. From the high quality of the inside spaces to the obvious engagement to the house’s natural surroundings, this is a master class of how to generate so much architectural quality with such limited resources.

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