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Air Aroma

Air Aroma is a fragrance marketing brand first founded in New York City.

With almost 20 years of experience, Air Aroma focuses on taking brand identities and turning them into scents and fragrances for luxury brands such as Dom Perignon, Nissan, and the Ritz Carlton.

CEO John van Roemburg wanted to take the idea of branding and marketing and cater it to the lesser-used sense of smell. He prides himself on having a minimalist green company, with 100% recyclable scent diffusers, which are capable of being used for over 10 years. Air Aroma also works on reducing its carbon footprint by having multiple offices in Melbourne, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Dubai, and Hong Kong, limiting the need for global travel and cutting the use of fossil fuels from freight shipments. The offices also use video conferencing, natural light, and energy-efficient technology and hardware.

Air Aroma offers a variety of services and products, including signature scents, diffusers, and personalized fragrances.



Made from anodized aluminum, the Aromax is a sleek, minimalistic cone-looking diffuser that can work with any home décor. It quietly diffuses fragrances throughout the room and keeps it work subtle, so the scents can be enjoyed quietly. The Aromax is available in silver, gold, black, blue, red, or purple.


Perfect for larger spaces or stores, the Aroscent is a sleek and rounded design that can be mounted on a wall, ceiling, HVAC, air conditioning unit, or placed on a flat surface. Available in white or black, the Aroscent uses a cold-air diffusion system to give the best, most fragrant-smelling results possible.

The Aroscent merges form, function, nature and technology.

Air Aroma


The design of the Aroslim is incredibly understated but packs a powerful punch. With the single press of a button, choose from six different strength settings to ensure the room of choice has the perfect balance of fragrance. The long and slender form makes it a great piece to place in an office room corner and is available in white or black.


The most powerful option definitely comes in the form of the Ecoscent. Mount it to the HVAC for maximum performance and spread in corporate offices or department stores. The Ecoscent can also have connection and diffusion of up to six different fragrances at one time.

Signature Scent

Rather than offering a select supply of aromas, Air Aroma works with the client directly to create a signature scent that ties in directly with their brand. Again, with sustainability in mind, Air Aroma chooses the finest raw materials, natural essential oils, and the greenest aromas. This scent becomes entirely the clients’, complete with a certificate of exclusivity.


If you prefer to choose a scent, rather than create one, Air Aroma has you covered. Choose from a multitude of essential oils or aroma oils for the perfect scent for your home. Also offered is Arobalance – a stress-relieving scent guaranteed to reduce anxiety and help with sleep; and Arotec, an odor removal solution. Choose from aromas such as lemongrass tea, fig, Italian mandarin, patchouli, and a combination of many other scents derived straight from the earth. If you prefer, candle options are also available.

From creating unforgettable experiences in stores and offices through fragrance, to combining signature scents with ad campaigns, Air Aroma has truly hit a cornerstone of marketing that has not been tapped into with so much detail and attention before. With gorgeous diffusers that are a minimalist’s dream, Air Aroma is a perfect way to incorporate natural fragrances in your home or your business.

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